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Wardrobe Essentials- How to Dress Up for Work

I am extremely excited, enthusiastic and eager to write this blog as this topic is one of the most anticipated topics. All of us aim to look stylish, up to date, chic yet comfortable while dressing up for our office. And we don’t want to spend and waste half of our salaries turning this dream true. Hey there, you don’t need to worry anymore, after reading this blog post you will be able to catch on to all the wardrobe essentials that you must have in your wardrobe. The ones that you can restyle, repeat and innovate and still look dressy, smart and elegant.

Plain White Cotton Shirt

Let’s start with a plain white button down cotton shirt. This shirt is a must have in your wardrobes. When in doubt a plain white crisp cotton shirt is there for your rescue. It is breathable, classic, cool and most importantly saves you from the hustle of pairing it up. It can be worn with any pair of pants may it be black or blue. You can tuck in your cotton shirt and pair them with black court shoes to give a formal look. For a casual look, wear loose cotton with denims and white sneakers and you are ready to go. These shirts are ever green, always in fashion and look trendy when worn. Compelled to buy it huh? How you couldn’t be this item of clothing is a blessing in disguise for all of us.

Off-White Turtleneck

Who does find turtlenecks classy and chic? All of us right. You should always have an off- white turtle neck in your wardrobe. They look fantastic when paired up with darker coat and uppers. We can usually find dark colors in our coats so turtleneck is a life saver in winters. Indecisive about what to wear, you can rock your look in the off white turtlenecks; pair it up with different coats and long stylish boats. Your colleagues won’t even find out that it’s the same turtleneck that you wore last week. You probably are looking forward to the winters now, don’t worry they aren’t far anymore.

Plain White T-shirt

Wardrobe essentials are most certainly incomplete without a plain white brand new T shirt. A plain white T shirt can be worn under a two piece coat pant. You can style it with blue denims and wear a blazer to give a formal look. White T shirts are versatile, cool, trendy and always in style. These comfortable tees are the most convenient and classy option one must have in their wardrobes. Want to be creative and style yourself? You can be innovative with your plain white tee, trust me it fully cooperates. Go grab your white T shirts before it’s too late.

Black Long Dress

Lock down made you a little chubby, no worries we have a fix to it as well, a long black dress. A flowy black dress is all what you may want to wear in a rainy weather. A nice shiny statement heel will compliment your dress. This simple outfit will give you an elegant and decent look and you may stand out from all the other people in the office. Not only has this had a long black dress saved you from the hustle of mixing and matching tops with trousers. Don’t forget to add a little touch of golden jewelry to look fresh and all ready for the day.

Silk Blouse

Silk blouse gives you a very glamorous and modern look. This wardrobe essential is highly versatile it can be paired with blue denims, black denims or even with off white pants. The best part about the silk blouse is that it is very comfortable to wear and gives a dressy and smart look when worn. You can wear it with a pendant whenever you feel like dressing a little bit more. These tops suit literally everybody and give them an elegant and decent look. Go grab your silk blouse before it’s too late.

Basic Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are literally everyone’s go to item of clothing. They are never out of fashion, can be easily washed and multiple washes wouldn’t probably affect there newness. Polo shirts are a wardrobe essential and a blessing in disguise. You can pair them up with blue jeans and a smart pair of sneakers and you are ready to go for work. Not only are the polo shirts a low maintenance article of clothing they are also very comfortable to wear. These are a life saver when you have to go for a field trip or work in hot and unpleasant work conditions.

Bright Colored Long Dress

A bright colored stylish long dress is a wardrobe essential which may cheer you up on your low days. A stylish, sleek, modern and trendy look is all what we want and nothing can be better than a long mono tone modern long dress. Have a last minute formal dinner? You don’t need to panic anymore this dress will be your savior for the night. Just pair it up with a shiny pair of high heels and you are ready to rock the night. Best of luck enjoying the night in the most comfortable outfit.


Blazer is a wardrobe essential because of its versatility. You can pair it up with a good pair of denims, a white t shirt and sneaker or heel; this would definitely elevate your outfit together. Buy yourself a neutral color of blazer and you won’t have to rebuy it for years. Blazers are evergreen, always in fashion and trendy. Not only this they give you a very modern, sleek and chic look.

Black Jeans

One’s personal style statement has to be timeless, evergreen and relatable, this means that one should style herself in a way that is not time taking at all, wear clothes that don’t go out of fashion and are relatable for literally every age group. Black jeans are a necessity and do play a major role in making your own style statement. They are definitely everyone’s go to pair when you haven’t done laundry for days and probably don’t know what to wear. These pair of jeans is a must in your wardrobe essentials. You can pair them up with any shirt in your wardrobe, a nice clean pair of sneakers or heels and you are ready to go. Black jeans are never out of trend and always a life saver. Trust me you won’t ever regret investing in comfortable black jeans.

Dark Blue Jeans

Next up, is my personal favorite wardrobe essential a dark blue denim jeans. These are by far the most popular item of clothing and how couldn’t they be? They are extremely versatile can be paired with literally any shirt in your wardrobe. You can effortlessly look beautiful and flaunt yourself in blue denims. You can pair your tightly fitted, stretchable dark blue pair of jeans with your drop shoulder shirts and they will definitely bring your whole look together. You are ready to leave your house in a classy, chic and sassy look.

High Waist Pants

High waist pants are probably the most underrated item of clothing. They look fantastic when worn with crop tops or may be you can tuck your cotton shirts half way to give a more casual look. You can be extremely innovative with them and style them any way you want to. A nice pair of high waist pants can be paired with any random shirt in your wardrobe and it will give you a sleek, smart and chic look. Most importantly high waist pants are an extremely comfortable to wear item of clothing can be easily washed. They won’t loose there new look after a hundred washes even. Here you go another style yet budget friendly item of clothing. Don’t forget to add it in your shopping list.

Grey Mini Skirts

Grey mini skirts are always at your rescue when scorching heat of sun is haunting you. They are comfortable, breathable and look stylish when worn. Most importantly, grey short skirts can be paired up with any cotton shirt, off shoulders or even a colorful tube top. Try pairing the grey skirts with a colorful top to get a good fresh overall look. Pairing the grey skirts with dull colors will dull your whole look down, which you definitely aren’t looking forward to.

Off-white Pants

Off white pants can be paired with almost all the tops in your wardrobe and your outfit will look fabulous. They are very versatile and so convenient to pair up. They give your outfit a dressier, smart and classy look. You can pair it up with a tucked in cotton shirt, a beautiful belt and a smart pair of heels. “Cheers, it’s time to show your colleagues yet another nicely brought together outfit and leave them in awe.”

Two Piece Power Suit

An elegant two piece suit is a must have in your wardrobes, if you don’t want to see yourself panicking one night before a formal meeting or an interview. Two piece suit gives you an elegant yet classy look. Makes you look dressy and people may end up taking you too seriously, it definitely has a positive impact on your personality. Wear your white cotton tees with your two piece suit and bring your whole look together with high heels. You are ready to rock the meeting in this extremely smart look.

Side Slit Pants

Side slit pants are another must have clothing item. They are look trendy, modern and classy when worn. They can be paired with crop tops, tube tops or even an off shoulder tops. Side slit pants are an amazing option to wear when you want to dress up a little more than usual. They are perfect option to wear on the official dinners and lunches. Side slit pants are in trend these days and look stylish when worn. These pants are versatile and unique, people aren’t really aware of how useful they are. You may also wear these when you want to look unique and stand out among others.

Black High Heels

Shoes have a major in role bringing your outfit together. They are the foundation of the outfit. They are a portrayal of your style statement. You better not compromise on our shoes if you genuinely want to leave people amazed by your style. A black shiny high heel is a must have item in your wardrobe. It can go with many dresses and brings grace and elegance to every dress that it is worn with. They make you look effortlessly dressed up and smart. Black heels also give a formal look so they are a perfect choice for meetings and interviews. An expensive pair of branded black heels are a very good investment to make. They are definitely worth it; you can take my word on it.

White Sneakers

Have to go for a field trip and want to look smart? White sneakers are right there for your rescue. They are the most versatile shoes and one must own them. White sneakers can go with polo shirts, basic tees, cotton shirts and not to forget wearing them with long flow dresses is also in trend these days. You can look smart and be comfortable too. These sneakers are never out of fashion. Add this one in your shopping list too and enjoy the countless advantages and ease that comes with the box of these shoes.

Off White Sandals

Not sure about what to wear? An off white pair of sandals is a life saver in this kind of situation. It can go with all the outfits, may it be your long dress, crop tops or off shoulders. They look smart and classy when worn. You can walk easily and comfortably in them. You can now go to your canteen for a multiple times and not feel tired, yay. These pair of sandals are definitely are wardrobe essential and none of you want to miss it.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flat is like a food to your wardrobe. They are always in trend and would always give you a nice modern and classy look. Buy yourself a neutral color ballet flats and your life would become a lot easier. You can pair them up with your power suit, your tops or even your tees. Can’t find anything to pair up with the outfit? Ballet flats are right here for your rescue. Buy yourself a nice comfortable pair of ballet flats and enjoy them for a long time.

Mustard High Heels

This wardrobe essential might seem like a crazy option to some of you, but trust me it has a lot of benefits. Mustard high heels can be a statement to a lot of your simple dresses making you look stylish and cool without having you to invest time and effort. You can pair these heels up with your black dress or with a drop shoulder top and may be even a crop top too. Mustard heels are definitely a very underrated item of clothing. But you have got to trust me and buy them, you definitely won’t regret.

Long Boats

Having doubts about what to pair with your long coats? Long boots definitely are the ultimate choice. They will help put your outfit together in a classy way. You will not only look smart but also trendy. Long boots make you look modern, classy and trendy. Winters are a lot easier to pass and hustle free when you have long boats in your wardrobe. Their versatility is what makes these boots special they can go with almost all of your coats, and your colleagues might be left with their jaws dropped. They are definitely a wardrobe essential and all of you should try them out this winter. Long boots may be a little hard on your pocket but they definitely will always be friendly to you and will be your saviors whenever you will be in doubt. Try investing on a long boats this year and you will definitely not regret it.

Golden Hoops

Jewelry definitely adds to your outfit and helps you stand out among all other people. You don’t want to over do your look when going for work but look fresh and dressed up. In these kind of situation golden hoops are a perfect option. They compliment your outfit and make you look fresh and active. Golden hoops will go with almost all of your outfits. The best part is that they aren’t even expensive, they won’t have a negative impact on your budget. In addition to this, simple golden hopes don’t have any kind of stones attached to them so their maintenance and cleaning wouldn’t also be a problem for you.


Wearing a watch definitely amplify your look and makes you look as if you are a disciplined and dutiful person. It gives you an elegant and decent look. Wearing a watch at work is essential as it will leave a positive impact on people. It helps you look like a person who knows the importance of time and values it. “You definitely are compelled to buy a watch”. Rightly so, it is a must have item for all the people who want to create their personal style statement and leave a mark on colleagues.

Skin Color Scarf

Unlike all other accessories scarves is a symbol of sophistication. They make you look unique and help you to stand out among other colleagues. Not only this have had they provided protection to your neck and nose when the cold breezes can actually be harmful. Scarf might not seem important to have but it definitely has numerous advantages. It surely is a wardrobe essential. Skin scarf will go with almost all your outfits and you wouldn’t have to worry about matching it up with the top. “Yay, finally you wouldn’t have to choose a matching top for your scarf”. Don’t forget to buy yourself a beautiful soft scarf before the cold breezes might be a cause of worry to you.

Black Handbag

Handbags are an expensive item of clothing and none of us wants to waste all our money buying handbags. Well, I have a solution to this problem buy you a big black handbag. It will go with all your outfits and you will be saved from the tiring process of changing your handbags, shifting your daily necessities from one bag to the other. A spacious black handbag will allow you to throw in all your essentials may it be your makeup products, or snacks. You can carry all of them now with you.

Golden Choker

A golden choker definitely adds to your cotton shirts. And makes even the oldest one look pretty and stylish. A stylish golden choker is definitely a wardrobe essential. You can pair it up with your old tops and no body would ever find time to take off eyes from the stylish statement choker. This most certainly is the best life hack you have ever heard. Go buy one and try this out yourself.

Small Pendant

You can pair this small pendant up with your simple tops and this will definitely amplify your look. A pendant gives you an elegant, decent yet dressy look. You can never go wrong with it. This small accessory has a big impact on your overall look. Can’t believe me? Go try it yourself.

Pearls Hairpin

Having a bad hair day? You don’t need to worry anymore. These beautiful hairpins are there for your rescue. They can be worn with literally every dress and look good on everyone. Pretty pearls would leave the people in awe and they definitely wouldn’t notice your not so perfect hair. Already excited to buy them? Hurry up add them in your list before you forget.

You must have prepared your shopping list by now. I hope you didn’t miss anything. Remember you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to look stylish. Styling comes with a sharp brain and right clothes.


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