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Style vs Fashion

Are style and fashion different? Yes, they definitely are. It can be hard to figure this out sometimes as these terms are generally correspondently used. Nonetheless, there are a couple of distinguishing characteristics. Let’s have a look at them.

What Does Style Mean?

Style is a way to say who you are without having to say it out loud. It is the short from of “personal style”, this word is commonly used in the fashion world. It means expressing one’s self with the help of ornaments, accessories and clothes. Style is the way you wear fashionable and chic accessories and dress. Your smart style can make you stand out among people.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is the most common , famous and dominant style of a society in a specific era. It is the popular way of dressing in a certain time. The fashion bloggers and influencers show the most mainstream and persisting styles of the era. They further add their creativity and personal style into the trend and advertise it. Fashion basically is how we show and portray the existing styles of the time.

How are Style and Fashion Different?

There are a few characteristics which differentiate style from fashion.

  • Style refers to the personal dressing sense of a person and is limited to an individual only, however fashion is the most dominant style of the time, and is opted by a society collectively.
  • “ Fashion fades with time where as style is eternal”-Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion changes with time where as style of a person doesn’t necessarily change with time. A fashionable person will have to update his wardrobe with time whereas a stylish person may not necessarily have to do this. Style also has a dynamic nature but it has more to do with self evolution than to do with the way other people dress up.
  • Fashion creates a relationship with the external world, it connects you with the people of a society and helps you mingle in them. On the other hand, style helps you to connect with your internal creative side, helps you dress up in a unique way and stand out among people. This way of dressing may or may not be accepted by others but it will be an expression of your personality. Fashion distracts you from connecting with your own self and restricts you from dressing the way you would want to dress up.
  • Fashion relies on unachievable and impractical clothing styles on the women with unrealistic bodies while style honors and utilizes your looks to look unique and beautiful.

Style of person comes from his own creative mind however the fashion trend is followed. A fashionable person tends to get influenced by people and dress up similarly.

How Does Being Stylish Make you Confident?

Styling is all about truly knowing yourself, your flaws and accepting them. It means that we dress up in a way that we hide our insecurities, accept our flaws and walk with them. Styling makes you love and honour yourself whereas fashion is when you follow the path that has already been built by the fashion designers, bloggers and influencers. Thus you might sometimes not be comfortable and confident while wearing fashionable clothes whereas, stylish clothes would bring your confident side out of you. Fashion may lower your self confidence and self esteem as it creates a gap between who you and your internal self.

Fashion keeps on changing with time, its pace is getting faster and unattainable. May be it is about time that we realize that we should stop running in the race of the fashion world, accept ourselves the way we are and create our own style statements.

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