Are you looking for a special place to tie the knot? The Genesee Grande Hotel in Syracuse, New York is a great choice. Boasting luxurious amenities and stunning architecture, it’s sure to make your wedding day one that everyone will remember. From its enchanting ballroom to its lush gardens, there’s something here for every bride and groom. Read on to learn more about what makes this venue so unique!

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If you’re dreaming of an elegant affair with all the trimmings, then look no further than the Genesee Grande Hotel. This stately building has been around since 1869 and offers breathtaking views of Onondaga Lake from its many rooms. With its grand staircase, ornate chandeliers, and exquisite marble floors, any couple would be proud to say “I do” here. Plus, they have plenty of options for reception venues including their outdoor garden terrace or romantic indoor spaces such as their Grand Ballroom.

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The Genesee Grande also provides unparalleled service, making sure your big day runs smoothly from start to finish. Their experienced staff can help coordinate catering services and provide assistance with decorations and other details so that everything looks perfect when you arrive at the ceremony site. Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering or a large celebration with hundreds of guests, the hotel can accommodate any size event without sacrificing quality or luxury. So if you want your nuptials to be truly memorable – choose the Genesee Grande Hotel for your special day!

Venue Overview

The Genesee Grande Hotel is the perfect event venue for a wedding. It’s located in downtown Syracuse, NY and offers deluxe accommodations with stunning views of Onondaga Lake. The hotel offers a variety of options to suit all budgets and needs – from small intimate gatherings to large receptions with hundreds of guests. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor space, the Genesee Grande has something that will fit your vision. Plus, they have on-site catering services so you can enjoy delicious food without worrying about having to prepare it yourself! And if that wasn’t enough, their team of experienced coordinators will make sure everything goes perfectly according to plan. With its convenient location and luxurious amenities, the Genesee Grande Hotel is an ideal spot for any bride-to-be’s special day.

Ceremony Options

When it comes to the ceremony options at the Genesee Grande, couples will be pleased with what they find. They can celebrate in the lush gardens and grand ballroom of this historic venue. Each space offers a unique atmosphere for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The outdoor garden area is brimming with greenery, colorful flowers, and serene water features. It’s perfect for a romantic outdoor service or reception. Couples may also choose to have their ceremony indoors in one of several different spaces depending on their desired size and ambiance. The Grand Ballroom has classic chandeliers, hardwood floors, and ornate wall panels that provide a timeless setting for larger weddings of up to 250 people. Or if you’re looking for something more intimate, there are smaller rooms available as well.

No matter which option you select, your guests will love the elegant atmosphere of the Genesee Grande. From delicious cuisine prepared by our award-winning chefs to impeccable service from our experienced staff – everything is taken care of so all you need to do is enjoy your special day!

You’ve found the perfect place — now it’s time to plan your dream wedding celebration. With its stunning architecture and breathtaking views, the Genesee Grande provides an unforgettable backdrop for any kind of event!

Reception Packages

The Genesee Grande offers three different packages to choose from for your wedding reception. The first is the Grand Ballroom Package, which includes a five-hour event in our ballroom with seating for up to 200 guests. This package also includes dinner and dessert service, linens and napkins, open bar service, as well as setup and teardown of the space.

Our second option is the Tented Reception Package which can accommodate up to 250 guests outdoors on our grounds overlooking Skaneateles Lake. It features an elegant tented structure complete with chandeliers and other decor elements that will make your special day truly memorable. This package also includes dinner, hors d’oeuvres, full bar service, dance floor and DJ services.

Finally we offer our Sunken Garden Package which provides you with access to our secluded garden area surrounded by trees and foliage where you can host a private gathering or small ceremony prior to a nearby reception venue of your choice. This package includes tableware rental along with catering options if desired.

No matter what type of celebration you envision for your special day, the Genesee Grande has the perfect setting for you! Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with you every step of the way so that all of your needs are taken care of in order to create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones!

Catering Services

Moving on to the next step of wedding planning, catering services are essential in creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. At the Genesee Grande, we offer a range of delicious menus that will suit any taste or budget:

  • An extensive selection of hors d’oeuvres
  • Delectable entrées such as steak or seafood
  • A variety of fresh salads and sides
  • Unique dessert options like crepes or French pastries
  • Signature cocktails served throughout the evening

Our experienced staff can customize these items if requested. We also know how important it is to accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, and other special requests – our team is happy to help with all details! Our commitment to excellence means that we’ll go above and beyond to create a truly memorable meal for you and your guests.

We understand that some couples may prefer more casual fare; our outdoor space provides ample room for food trucks or family-style service. No matter what type of cuisine you select, we guarantee excellent quality ingredients and professional presentation. Plus, you’ll have access to our full stock bar so everyone can enjoy their favorite drinks!

At the Genesee Grande, we strive to provide top notch culinary experiences for each couple’s big day. With creative menu ideas and attentive service from start to finish, rest assured knowing that your reception will be one for the books!

Decor & Design Ideas

When planning a wedding, decor and design are essential to creating the perfect atmosphere. The Genesee Grande Hotel in Syracuse is renowned for its elegant design elements, so it’s no surprise that couples choose this venue for their special day. For those seeking an unforgettable experience, here are some ideas on how to make your celebration truly unique.

Start with the overall look of your event; use colors that harmonize with the hotel’s neutral tones to create a sophisticated feel. Incorporate vibrant accents such as flowers or textiles to add pops of color and inject personality into your celebration. Consider incorporating natural materials like wood and stone to bring a rustic charm to the space.

You can also personalize your reception area by displaying photographs of you and your partner throughout the years or adding custom signs with heartfelt quotes. To take advantage of all that this beautiful hotel has to offer, consider using different areas within the building for various activities – from cocktail hour outside in the garden to dinner under twinkling string lights in one of our cozy lounges.

No two weddings should be alike — let yours reflect who you both are as individuals and as a couple! With careful consideration and thoughtful touches, you will have created an enchanting setting for everyone attending your big day.

Photography & Videography

After getting all the decorations and design ideas in place, it’s time to think about capturing your special day. Photography & Videography are essential for preserving memories of your wedding day. When deciding on a photographer or videographer, consider their portfolio and references carefully. You want someone who can capture the unique moments that happen throughout the ceremony and reception while still being professional.

When interviewing potential photographers, ask how they will be capturing the event – what kind of equipment do they use? How many cameras will be used? Do they bring lights or other equipment? These questions should help you get a better idea of how experienced they are with weddings. Additionally, don’t forget to discuss pricing. Ask if there are any additional fees like editing costs or travel expenses so you know exactly what you’ll be paying ahead of time!

You may also want to consider having both photography and videography services at your wedding. Having videos allows you to relive those special moments years down the road when watching them back on anniversaries or even just when sharing them with friends and family. A good quality video can add an extra layer of sentimentality to your precious memories from this very memorable day!

It is best to book these professionals early as some of them tend to fill up quickly due to popular demand! Be sure to put aside enough budget for these services to ensure that you have amazing photos and videos that you’ll look back fondly on in years to come.

Music & Entertainment

The music and entertainment for a Genesee Grande wedding is sure to be one of the highlights of the day. Couples can choose from many different musical styles to enhance their special event, including rock, pop, country, jazz and classical. They’ll also find DJs who can spin vinyl records or an iPod playlist along with live musicians like guitarists, pianists or string quartets.

For added fun, couples may consider hiring professional entertainers such as magicians, comedians or dancers. There are also services that provide photo booths as well as custom lighting displays for the reception area. These little touches will make guests feel like they’re part of something truly special.

Of course, no wedding would be complete without some great food! The venue offers delicious cuisine options ranging from surf-and-turf entrees to ethnic dishes and hors d’oeuvres. Plus there’s a full bar stocked with top shelf liquor brands so guests can enjoy signature cocktails made by experienced bartenders.

When it comes time to dance the night away, the Genesee Grande has an expert staff that knows how to keep everyone on their feet all night long! With its amazing sound system and state-of-the-art equipment you can rest assured that your celebration will be nothing short of spectacular!

Accommodation Options

When it comes to finding the perfect place for you and your guests to stay during your wedding, the Genesee Grande has no shortage of options. From luxurious suites to cozy rooms, everyone can find something that fits their needs. Here’s a table breaking down some accommodation choices:

Deluxe SuitesSpacious rooms with king-sized beds, private bathrooms, seating areas & more! Perfect for bridal parties or couples looking for extra space.
Standard RoomsCozy yet comfortable rooms ideal for small groups or couples seeking a peaceful night away from home. Includes all necessary amenities such as TVs & Wi-Fi access.
Extended StaysSpecial rates available for extended stays in either deluxe suites or standard rooms – ideal if you’re planning an extended honeymoon getaway!

Each option is thoughtfully designed so that both family members and out-of-towners alike will feel right at home while they celebrate along with you. The Genesee Grande offers special packages tailored to fit any budget and accommodate every need; just give us a call and we’ll take care of everything else! Whether your guests are coming from near or far, one thing’s guaranteed – they won’t have trouble finding the perfect room here at the Genesee Grande Hotel.

Transportation Services

When planning a wedding, transportation services are an important consideration. Guests often need to be transported from their hotel or accommodations to the ceremony and reception venues. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding reliable transportation for your big day at the Genesee Grande Hotel.

The first option is to opt for shuttle buses provided by the Genesee Grande itself. These shuttle buses can accommodate up to 60 passengers each and will transport guests between any two locations within a 5-mile radius of the hotel. This service also includes pick-up and drop off times that you specify in advance so that you don’t have to worry about any last minute delays or hiccups!

Another great option is hiring a limousine service provider such as Uber or Lyft. This provides luxury transportation with professional drivers who know all the best routes around Syracuse. Rates vary depending on size, but this could be an ideal choice if you want something more special than just shuttles for transporting your guests from one venue to another.

Finally, renting out a full-size bus is also an option. Buses can fit anywhere from 40 – 70 people comfortably, making them perfect for larger weddings where many guests must travel together from multiple locations in town. Local companies offer competitive rates and usually provide chauffeured services too which is always an added bonus! With these many choices available, couples will be sure to find the right transportation solution for their wedding day needs at The Genesee Grande Hotel.

Event Planning Tips

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. To ensure that your event runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all involved, there are some key tips you should consider when planning the Genesee Grande Wedding.

First of all, create an organized timeline for the entire process. This will help keep everyone on track and make sure everything is taken care of in advance. It’s also important to find vendors who understand the venue and can provide quality services within your budget. Make sure they have experience with weddings, so they know how to properly set up equipment and decorations for your big day.

Second, establish the date as far in advance as possible. Having guests travel long distances or taking time off from work requires plenty of notice! You’ll also want to plan out details such as seating arrangements, catering menu options, music selection, photography/videography needs, etc., well before the event so nothing gets overlooked or forgotten.

Thirdly, communication is essential throughout each stage of planning. Keeping in touch with vendors and other people involved will ensure that everything goes according to plan and minimize last minute surprises or errors. Additionally, using programs like email blasts or text messages keeps everybody informed and makes it easy to stay connected while keeping costs low at the same time.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself during this special occasion! Focus on having fun rather than worrying about every small detail – after all, it’s supposed to be a celebration! With proper preparation and careful attention to detail throughout the process, you’ll be able to host an unforgettable Genesee Grande Wedding for you and your loved ones.

Special Features

When it comes to planning a wedding, special features can often be the icing on the cake. From catering options to entertainment ideas, there are plenty of unique touches that will make your event stand out from the rest. Here are some tips for making sure you have all the necessary details covered:

  • Start by thinking about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Do you prefer an intimate gathering or a large-scale celebration? Once you decide on this, it will help dictate which services and amenities fit best within your budget.
  • Next, consider any specific needs that may need accommodation. This could range from dietary restrictions to accessibility requirements. Making sure everyone’s wants and needs are taken into account is key in creating an enjoyable experience for all guests attending.
  • Finally, look into what other types of services might add an extra “wow factor” at your event. Will you offer specialty cocktails? What type of music would pair well with dinner? These small but important decisions will set your big day apart from others!

From thoughtful decor to creative catering options, these special features will ensure your wedding is remembered fondly for years to come!

Wedding Attire Guidelines

At the Genesee Grande, we strive to create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience for our couples. To ensure that your special day is picture-perfect, it’s important to consider what type of attire would be appropriate for you and your guests. Below are some guidelines for proper wedding attire:

Bride & GroomFormal Wear – Suit or Tuxedo/Gowns
Bridal PartySemi-Formal or Formal Wear – Matching Outfits Recommended
Male Wedding GuestsDark Suits with Dress Shirts & Neckties (No Jeans)
Female Wedding GuestsCocktail Dresses or Evening Gowns (No Denim Allowed)

It’s also important to note that hats, jeans, workout clothing, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and sneakers should not be worn at any point during the ceremony or reception. We want everyone attending your event to look their best! When selecting an outfit for yourself and your guests, take into consideration the venue as well as the time of year when making these decisions. For example, if the wedding will take place outdoors in summertime weather conditions then lighter fabrics such as linen may be more suitable than heavier fabrics like velvet. Be sure to plan ahead so you have ample time to find something that fits both you and the occasion perfectly.

Additionally, if there are any cultural elements present within your union please dress accordingly. Some cultures require traditional garb on certain occasions; honoring this tradition can help make your special day even more meaningful and unique. Finally, don’t forget about comfort; after all you’ll want everyone feeling relaxed enough throughout your celebration to truly enjoy themselves!

Rsvp Management Strategies

Now that the attire guidelines for a Genesee Grande wedding have been established, it’s time to start thinking about RSVP management strategies. Being organized and proactive is essential in order to make sure your guests are accounted for and arrive on time. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of RSVPs:

First, send out invitations early. This gives your guests enough time to respond without feeling rushed or pressured. Additionally, ensure that the response date is clearly stated and easy to find on each invitation. This will encourage people to submit their responses promptly, so you can begin planning accordingly.

Second, add a “note” section at the bottom of the reply card allowing your guests to provide additional information such as special dietary requirements or seating arrangements they may need during the reception. Doing this ensures that everyone’s needs and preferences are taken into account when creating guest lists and seating plans.

Third, create follow-up reminders like emails or texts if needed. It’s important for couples to be understanding of busy schedules but also firm with deadlines in order to properly plan their event ahead of time. By sending out periodic reminder messages closer towards the deadline date you will increase the chances of getting an accurate headcount before finalizing details with catering companies, venues etc…

Finally, consider setting up a couple-specific hashtag (#GeneseGrandeWedding) for guests who post pictures from pre-wedding events or share photos from your big day! Not only does this allow friends & family members who couldn’t attend feel involved – it makes collecting all those beautiful memories much easier!

Gifting Protocols

When it comes to giving gifts for a wedding, there are some protocols that guests should be aware of. First and foremost, it is important to remember that the gift should be given out of love and genuine appreciation rather than obligation. It is not necessary to spend large amounts of money on the couple’s gift; instead, focus on something meaningful or heartfelt that will remind them of your friendship over time.

Secondly, when deciding what type of gift to give, make sure you take into account any registry items they have requested. If possible, try to purchase something from their list as this will ensure that they receive something they can actually use in their new home together.

Additionally, if you are unable to attend the wedding due to other commitments or travel restrictions, sending an online gift card or monetary contribution via mail may be more appropriate. This way, the couple can put your generous donation towards their honeymoon or household expenses without having to worry about returning anything after the event has passed.

Finally, no matter what type of gift you decide upon for the newlyweds-to-be, make sure you include a personal note with your present so they know how much thought went into each item!

  • Consider purchasing something from the couple’s registry list
  • Monetary contributions/gift cards are acceptable if unable to attend
  • Focus on providing meaningful & heartfelt gifts
  • Don’t feel obligated by societal expectations
  • Include a personal note with every present

Post-Wedding Celebration Ideas

After the special day of your wedding has passed, it’s time to start planning a post-wedding celebration. This is an exciting and fun event that will allow you and your guests to celebrate the beginning of your new life together. Here are some unique ideas for your post-wedding celebration:

1) Have a brunch or lunch – If you want something more relaxed than a night out, consider having a brunch or lunch gathering with all of your closest family and friends. You can even make it themed if you’d like! Serve up delicious dishes, drinks, and desserts for everyone to enjoy while sharing stories from the big day.

2) Plan a picnic in the park – Gather all of your loved ones for a picnic at the local park or beach to relax and reminisce about everything that happened on your wedding day. Bring along lawn games such as cornhole or horseshoes, as well as plenty of food and drinks. Be sure to have someone bring along speakers so you can listen to music while enjoying each other’s company.

3) Host an outdoor movie night – Set up chairs outdoors (or rent seating if needed), hang up string lights, pop popcorn, grab blankets and pillows, then settle in for an outdoor movie experience under the stars. Choose movies that remind you both of happy times together—it’ll be like reliving those memories again!

4) Get creative with activities – There are tons of activities available for creating lasting memories with your friends and family after the wedding festivities end. Try painting pottery classes where everyone paints their own pieces; scavenger hunt races around town; winery tours; karaoke nights; game nights filled with board games; comedy shows; bowling tournaments; cooking classes – whatever suits your style best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Maximum Capacity Of The Genesee Grande Wedding Venue?

When planning a wedding, the capacity of the venue is an important factor to consider. It’s essential to know how many guests can safely and comfortably fit in the space, as well as what restrictions may be placed on the number of attendees. This article will explore the maximum capacity of The Genesee Grande Wedding Venue, located in Syracuse NY.

The Genesee Grande offers two venues for weddings: The Grand Ballroom and The Terrace Room. Each room has its own unique features that make it ideal for different types of events. The Grand Ballroom boasts an impressive 25-foot ceiling with exquisite chandeliers, making it perfect for large receptions or ceremonies up to 250 people. In addition, this ballroom also includes access to a bar and lounge area which can accommodate smaller gatherings for cocktail hours or after parties.

The Terrace Room is equally stunning but better suited for more intimate occasions such as rehearsal dinners or bridal showers; it can hold up to 80 guests with ease. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking downtown Syracuse, plus elegant decor and lighting fixtures, this room makes any event unforgettable! Both rooms offer full catering services from their award winning restaurant kitchen staff so you can be sure your special day will have amazing food too!

To sum up, those looking to host a wedding at The Genesee Grande Wedding Venue in Syracuse NY should take into account both potential capacities when selecting a venue size – 250 people in the Grand Ballroom or 80 people in the Terrace Room. Regardless of where they choose to celebrate their big day, couples are guaranteed breathtaking views and delicious cuisine thanks to professional catering services provided by the facility!

What Is The Cost Of A Wedding Reception Package?

Planning a wedding can be an exciting but stressful experience. It’s important to consider all the details that come with organizing such a large event, including cost. One of the most significant expenses is the reception package, so it’s essential to know what you are getting for your money. This article will explore the costs associated with booking a wedding reception at Genesee Grande Wedding Venue.

When selecting packages for a wedding reception, couples should look into their options carefully and determine which one best meets their needs and budget. Most venues offer different levels of service and amenities that can add up quickly in price. At Genesee Grande Wedding Venue, they have various packages available ranging from basic to luxurious. The cost depends on how many guests are invited and what services or supplies are needed for the day’s festivities.

The least expensive option is the venue-only package, which includes use of the facility for four hours and access to tables and chairs if necessary. This package also includes set-up time prior to the event as well as clean-up after it has concluded. For those wanting something more comprehensive, there are several other packages available at varying prices. These include catering services, bartending staff, decorations, music equipment rental, linens/tableware rentals, photography services, limo transportation arrangements and much more.

It’s recommended that couples compare quotes from multiple vendors before making any commitments so they can ensure they get maximum value out of their investment without sacrificing quality or having extra fees added on later down the line. All in all, when considering costs associated with weddings receptions at Genesee Grande Wedding Venue there is sure to be an option that perfectly fits each couple’s unique vision and budget requirements.

Is There An In-House Catering Service Available?

When planning a wedding, catering services are an important consideration. It can be difficult to decide whether to find an outside caterer or use the venue’s in-house service. This article will discuss the availability of an in-house catering service at Genesee Grande Wedding.

The first thing to consider when looking into using an in-house catering service is convenience. If the venue offers this type of service, it can save time and energy by having all your needs taken care of under one roof. With that said, Genesee Grande Wedding does offer an in-house catering service for events taking place onsite.

In addition to offering convenience, another benefit of utilizing the venue’s own staff and resources is cost savings. Having all aspects of the event handled within the same space allows you to take advantage of discounts available with multiple vendors through your package agreement. Furthermore, dealing with just one vendor simplifies budgeting since no additional costs need to be considered from separate parties.

Genesee Grande Wedding has a variety of menu options available for their guests which range from traditional American fare to international cuisine as well as vegan offerings. The menus are customizable as well so that couples may create something unique for their special day without having to pay extra fees like they would if ordering from outside sources.

Overall, there are many advantages associated with choosing Genesee Grande Wedding’s in-house catering services including convenience and cost savings while still being able to customize menus according to each couple’s tastes. Whether you choose inside or out, make sure that the food selection fits both your budget and vision for your special day!

Does The Venue Provide Rental Items For Decorations?

When it comes to planning a wedding, decorations play an important role in completing the look of your event. One choice couples have to make is whether or not they need rental items for their decorations. Fortunately, some venues provide this service and can save you valuable time while putting together the details of your special day.

The Genesee Grande Wedding venue offers rental items that can be used as part of your seasonal decorating needs. From tablecloths and napkins to centerpieces, lighting fixtures and more, there are plenty of options available for those looking to create the perfect atmosphere for their big day.

If you choose to rent from the venue rather than buying them yourself, there are several advantages that come with doing so. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about storage space since all rentals are returned after use. In addition, many packages include setup services which means less stress on you during the preparation process. Finally, renting may save you money compared to purchasing these items outright – especially if you only plan on using them once or twice!

With a variety of rental items suitable for any occasion offered by Genesee Grande Wedding Venue, couples will have no trouble finding something that fits their theme and budget when it comes time to decorate for their special day.

Are There Any Discounts For Booking Multiple Services?

When planning an event, it’s important to consider discounts for booking multiple services. It can be difficult to balance a budget and have the ceremony or reception of your dreams; fortunately, many venues offer deals when you book several services at once.

At the Genesee Grande wedding venue in Syracuse, New York, there are plenty of ways to save on various aspects of your big day. Here are just some examples:

  • Ceremonies:
  • Booking additional hours may qualify you for discounted prices per hour.
  • If you’re getting married within six months, look into special packages that include other options such as photography and catering.
  • Receptions:
  • Ask about offers if you plan to use their preferred vendors list for catering, florists, photographers etc.
  • Look into group rates depending on how many guests will attend your event.

The staff at the Genesee Grande wedding venue is well-versed in helping couples make their dream wedding come true without breaking the bank. They understand how stressful it can be to arrange all the details while staying within a budget—so they try their best to accommodate any requests with discounts whenever possible. With careful consideration and discussion with the team at Genesee Grande, you’ll find yourself prepared and ready to enjoy every moment of your special day!


The Genesee Grande wedding venue is the perfect choice for couples looking to host an unforgettable wedding. With a maximum capacity of up to 500 guests, it’s sure to accommodate large and small gatherings alike! The cost of their reception package is very reasonable too, with catering services included in the price. They also provide rental items for decorations so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own supplies. And if you’re looking for even more savings, they offer discounts when booking multiple services at once – making this venue even more budget-friendly. All in all, the Genesee Grande has everything you need to make your special day truly memorable and unique. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book yours today – and start planning that dream wedding!

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